global warming là gì

He later suggests that this sort of 'greedy' neutrality has even more implausible implications in the context of examples which he interprets in terms of global warming.

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Should richer regions assume partial accountability for global warming, then their share in the (unaffected) world totals increases, even if poorer regions also assume partial accountability.

In a complete general equilibrium model, global warming could change the supply and demand of all goods and services, leading đồ sộ new global prices for everything.

This paper studies the effects of global warming in a descriptive model of endogenous growth.

In addition, we study the effects of global warming as regards the growth rate for both the balanced growth path and for the economy on the transition path.

Global warming and potential changes in host-parasite and disease-vector relationships.

Acceleration of global warming due đồ sộ carbon-cycle feedbacks in a coupled climate model.

Potential effect of global warming on mosquito-borne arboviruses.

The issue of global warming evolves over the kind of very long timescale on which changes in technology will be decisive.

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This should not be construed as implying that, because the benefits associated with preventing global warming damages are difficult đồ sộ measure, they should be excluded from consideration.

Countries that tự not expect severe damage from global warming would also wish đồ sộ participate, if only they were đồ sộ be provided initially with a sufficient number of permits.

This should be relatively easy đồ sộ monitor over time in a range of systems, providing an early warning signal that global warming is affecting intertidal communities.

Sensitivity of malaria, schistosomiasis and dengue đồ sộ global warming.

Global warming, deforestation of tropical forests, and the thinning of the ozone layer are examples of some of the more salient problems confronting the world today.

Efficiency improvements raise few objections as they are directly beneficial irrespective of their impact on global warming and have significant scope for negative net cost applications.

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