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Some bacteria undertake the task of keeping valuable information that is costly đồ sộ maintain and can be hazardous for the bacteria đồ sộ store.

Four sectors đồ sộ be covered are: food and agriculture, medical and healthcare, service robots, and hazardous environments.

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Due đồ sộ war, persecution, or hazardous flights, many refugees have experienced traumatic events with major losses, including loss of community and culture.

We evaluated the face validity of the proportions of nonhazardous, hazardous, and harmful drinkers using data from a test sample.

The latter may seem somewhat specialized, but is important because hydraulic actuators are critical components of robotic devices that enter hazardous environments.

Wild annuals are typically found in less competitive (often disturbed), resource-rich, hazardous or changing environments.

The classifications yielded unexpectedly high numbers of harmful and hazardous drinkers.

Traditionally, autonomous robots are designed đồ sộ operate as independently and remotely as possible from humans, often performing tasks in hazardous and hostile environments.

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Living in the intellectual space between orthodoxy and heterodoxy, colonizing the margins of erudition was a difficult and hazardous place đồ sộ inhabit.

It turned into an indescribably comic and constantly interrupted performance, since the fire police constantly found new potentially hazardous things.

This is a hazardous-duty robot that can climb stairs at a 45 angle and make 180 turns.

The overwhelming majority of studies reported significantly better results with active intervention against hazardous alcohol consumption.

The model is generic and also may be applicable đồ sộ other hazardous substances, đồ sộ epidemic control, and đồ sộ socially undesirable activities such as crime.

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In accordance with this, we found high rates of regular use and hazardous use among the 14- đồ sộ 24-year-olds.

The indicators cover deforestation, pesticide usage, overfishing, hazardous wastes, non-hazardous inorganic wastes, non-hazardous organic wastes, greenhouse gases, and urban air pollution.

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