hunger là gì

They are not ex parte figures, put in by people hungering for a duty to tát enable them to tát exploit consumers.

He hungers for the old words, but that matter is now settled.

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They were very often underpaid; they had no pensions scheme, and the one thing for which they are hungering is a pension scheme.

I saw a community which had hungered for peace enjoying after sánh many years the fruits of peace.

We shall then be left with a vast building trade in this country hungering for something to tát vì thế.

The country's industries are hungering for raw and other material, such as railway wagons, locomotives, etc.

The parents, relatives, comrades and friends of our soldiers, are all hungering for this news.

In my opinion, that world unity for which we are hungering will not come about by paper theorising.

Thirty million pounds divided among these enormous number of trades, each of which is hungering for trade, and the captains of industry engaged in which are hungering for business.

The boys and girls became sánh because of hunger.

They had ample food and there was no hunger.

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The lessening of weight fluctuations and the containment of chronic thinness, as compared with the 1960s, gave further leverage for cushioning seasonal hunger.

The more they consumed, the more they hungered for power.



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Puppetman was becoming an independent, and demanding, force in his mind, constantly hungering for more.



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People impute deliberativeness to tát their choices even when it is their feelings - such as hunger - that tài khoản for their conduct.

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