illuminate là gì

One chapter illuminates the colonial era, eight the nineteenth century, and four the twentieth century.

Rather than thở illuminating a deeply entrenched metaphysical voice, she focuses on musical enactments of the body's motions.

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The history of truck legislation is illuminating for two reasons.

Can either be much illuminated by sánh odd a tactic118?

On its own right, this expression is not very illuminating.

In this respect the book illuminates the ways in which indigenous people and the state continually negotiate and renegotiate their relationship in particular contexts.

Again, the analogy with legal theory is illuminating.

What we require, therefore, is a tradition of welfare research which illuminates second order agency as well as first.

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An explicit emphasis on the treatment of children therefore illuminates features of welfare states that have remained invisible in 'adult-centred' studies.

If the target level is attained, the lamp is turned off, and otherwise the lamp is illuminated.

Much of the article is illuminated by insights drawn from a lifetime's work in the arts and sciences.

Observation of proton rear emission and possible gigagauss scale magnetic fields from ultra-intense laser illuminated plastic target.

The paper illuminates issues of language restoration and the links between identity and language preservation.

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The paper illuminates teachers' understanding of play, approaches used, difficulties faced, and their power in finding solutions.

Approaches to lớn musical 'topics' or archetypes demonstrate how specific and potentially illuminating intertextual relationships between musical materials and other modes of cultural representation can be.

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