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Although I have no previous experience in…, I have had…

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He / she always takes an active role in… .

Cậu ấy / Cô ấy vô cùng tích vô cùng trong...

My current position as…for...has provided má with the opportunity to tát work in a high-pressure, team environment, where it is essential to tát be able to tát work closely with my colleagues in order to tát meet deadlines.

., tôi với thời cơ thao tác làm việc theo dõi group trong một môi trường xung quanh áp lực nặng nề cao. Nhờ vậy tôi đang được tập luyện được tài năng phối phù hợp với đồng team và triển khai xong việc làm chính tiến trình.

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The new station was taken into use in 1957.

All the water in the municipality is in rivers and streams.

The median income for a household in the town was $36,250, and the median income for a family was $58,500.

It is used in much of the world.

She made 16 starts in 1964 and was in the money 15 times, or 94% of the time.

Gordon was suspended in absentia as he had refused to tát attend the hearing.

Although she is graduating in absentia today, it remains a special day, which she will be celebrating with classmates.

Sentenced to tát death in absentia but amnestied in 2003, after a successful coup brought the military back to tát power.

Amnesty noted the presence of court-appointed lawyers for those tried in absentia (though, on principle, it opposes the death penalty).

Then a collection agency called to tát say that she, convicted in absentia, owed the fine plus interest.

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Locations around the actual town are used in abundance, adding authenticity.

Built approximately 50 years ago and extending to tát c1,600sq ft, this family home page offers space in abundance both inside and out.

Where authentic news is scarce, you surely must have generous "news" in abundance.

The people in the thành phố possess in abundance, the friendliness that draws all lượt thích a mystic magnet.

Enthusiasm was in abundance, and we look forward to tát holding the tournament again next year.

It has 44 habitable floors, holding 550 rooms, in addition to tát restaurants, meeting rooms and a 44th floor penthouse.

In addition to tát a hands-off experience for the owner, third parties typically handle the money transfer as well.

It is usually used in addition to tát iron reduce contaminants.

In addition to tát teaching practical design solutions, the apprentices had hands-on work with various building trades.

In addition, they also gain more fulfillment in learning a new language.

This series, he wrote in conclusion, has avoided embracing one viewpoint to tát the exclusion of all others, of quoting one authority as final.

In conclusion, the team will report on its findings, and express their opinion that a site is haunted or not haunted.

In conclusion, this study demonstrated a strong correlation between maternal meta-emotion philosophy and adolescent depression.

In conclusion, the thành phố saw a total of five periods of occupation separated by expulsion.

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After the prayer and/or worship they repeat the two bows, two claps and a final bow in conclusion.



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