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If so sánh, there would be no benefit in choosing exclusive over inclusive legal positivism on this ground.

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The measurements included weight, recumbent length (up to tướng 2 years), height (2 years inclusive and older) and head circumference.

The lessons drawn from this case can certainly inspire policy-makers to tướng elaborate inclusive solutions in other contexts.

The visual field of the camera is about 3 to tướng 4 chords in width and 2-3 chords in height inclusive of the airfoil itself.

Without rediscovery of victims' voices, the idea of an inclusive process of truth recovery (essential to tướng an effective legal and political transition) remains a chimera.

If the above analysis is correct, then inclusive legal positivism is inconsistent with the epistemic-guidance function of legal rules.

The authors apologise - several times - for the fact that this is not an inclusive project.

The evolution of altruism will be favored in situations where altruistic strategies produce higher inclusive fitness values.

Human beings can be moved by 'inclusive goals ' and can take the good of others into trương mục in their deliberations.

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Framed in inclusive terms, a health-gradient approach directs attention to tướng the composition of the population: to tướng the distribution of socioeconomic advantage and disadvantage.

Constitutional frameworks and inclusive democratic deliberation should constrain and regulate what it is permissible to tướng tự in the name of a culture.

I believe that there is, and that a strong political culture can provide a solid but inclusive basis for democratic legitimacy.

Is it the contribution of academic allies which is sidelined in inclusive research - or that of co-researchers with learning disabilities?

We continue to tướng have relatively few robust species-level phylogenies for parasites within the context of a detailed understanding of relationships for higher inclusive taxa.

I showed (1) how each ontology has an all-inclusive maximum and (2) how well any such maximum satisfies certain pantheistic criteria of divinity.

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