incorrect là gì

The mix of edges which has an incorrect value while decoding is considered.

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If an incorrect answer is given, a contestant is deducted one point.

An incorrect application of the third buổi tiệc nhỏ firmware could render the camera inoperative.

Part of the reason of the accident was because the charted height of the bridge was incorrect.

Any correct answer knocked a hit man off the board, while any incorrect answer cost a player one of their own.

Fund payments, however, were frequently incorrectly distributed, and in some cases, fraudulent.

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The second deficiency was with the approach lighting system, which was charted incorrectly and not well maintained.

This date was incorrectly used as his death date when initially announced.

Neglecting to lớn write a base case, or testing for it incorrectly, can cause an infinite loop.

If the constant still answers incorrectly at this point, a 10-second time penalty is applied.

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