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Indigenous political resistance teaches us how to tát rethink politics for the twenty-first century, and social anthropology has a role to tát play in this project.

A claim of dominion was used, in turn, to tát legitimise the town's right to tát Gọi on the indigenous population for labour service.

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First, political elites may respond selectively to tát indigenous claims, meeting specific types of demands, while marginalising or punishing other types of claims.

Its implications are worth considering, particularly in the light of the post-processualist rush to tát embrace alternative, indigenous voices throughout the world.

Insistence on an entirely local quality to tát indigenous movements therefore suggests that indigenous peoples are being held to tát a different standard.

The political participation of indigenous peoples is often a difficult issue for states.

The indigenous heritage industry reacted to tát the repeated local resistance by withdrawing their commitment to tát the development of the site.

A good number of local constitutions have been reformed, and a few state laws on indigenous rights and culture have been enacted.

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Thus, locally indigenous nematodes should be easily found for biocontrol programmes in the region.

The biggest obstacle to tát establishing participation rights for indigenous peoples in a treaty would have arisen from the factual setting.

Cultural assimilation has ceased to tát be acceptable to tát indigenous peoples in post-colonial societies.

The authors reject the "backward-looking preservationist" perspective, which seeks to tát maintain diglossia by keeping indigenous languages within their traditional domains.

Both examples suggest a culturalpolitical logic - unwritten, fluid, but influential - which leaves some indigenous organisations privileged and others all but excluded.

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The range of the estimates depends on whether mixed populations are included in the ' Black ' and ' indigenous ' categories.

It destroys traditional economic forms, erodes spiritual and cultural traditions, and threatens the identity of indigenous peoples.

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