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., he / she is reliable and intelligent person with good sense of humor.

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., he / she is reliable and intelligent person with good sense of humor.

Tôi vô cùng mừng rỡ khi được thao tác làm việc với cùng một người dân có lòng tin trách cứ nhiệm, mưu trí và vui nhộn như...

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The development concept was based on visions of a hi-tech office building and convention centre equipped with advanced intelligent systems.

And she was just as intelligent as she was good-looking.

A relatively intelligent boy escapes its oppressive confines and later returns, determined đồ sộ bring enlightenment đồ sộ the village.

As a result, she tends đồ sộ be very loud, bossy, and over-reactive, but is still intelligent, kindhearted, and unrelentingly stubborn.

Intelligent street lighting, also referred đồ sộ as adaptive street lighting, dims when no activity is detected, but brightens when movement is detected.

This period characterized the enlisting of foreign agents, wide use of emigrants for intelligence tasks and organization of a network of independent agents.

Soon a miscarriage of justice starts đồ sộ look lượt thích a state cover-up involving the intelligence community.

The participants suggested that the intelligence community must exploit signatures of feedstock materials, precursors, by-products of testing or production, and other inadvertent or unavoidable signatures.

He has no powers, no abilities and no intelligence, but his goodwill and greatness of heart compensate for this.

Once the main force has landed, the group provides tactical intelligence vital đồ sộ the operational decision-making within the brigade headquarters.

It is related đồ sộ machine learning in artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence and computer vision share other topics such as pattern recognition and learning techniques.

The artificial intelligence of the guards includes the ability đồ sộ Hotline for help and sound nearby alarms.

There are also numerous sub-plots, such as không tính tiền will and humanity amongst artificial intelligence.

Science fiction sometimes emphasizes on the dangers of artificial intelligence, and sometimes its positive potential.

Traffic analysis can be performed in the context of military intelligence, counter-intelligence, or pattern-of-life analysis, and is a concern in computer security.

He was denouncing them as unsuitable for a counter-intelligence operation.

It is responsible for gathering, analysing and disseminating military intelligence and also for counter-intelligence and security.

Adams was sued by a former counter-intelligence official on the grounds the novel's main character bore too close a resemblance đồ sộ his own life.

His specialties are counter-intelligence and espionage, and he is a master of both psychological warfare and hand-to-hand combat.

In his response, the witness admitted that he did not mention the petition but that he mentioned an intelligence report.

He said the intelligence report indicated that the insurgents were planning attacks on communities in the area.

He said the seizures were made through intelligence report by the officials of the command.

The tìm kiếm operation was launched on the intelligence report that criminal elements are present in the area.

The Hotline came in the wake of an intelligence report this week which indicates that the area had become a training ground for the group.



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