involvement là gì

Through his involvement in the manufacture of tapestries, he was exempt from taxes.

Due to tát the growth of the museum, a need for increased fund-raising, and more volunteer involvement, a historical society was founded in 1987.

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Some depict the voice of the speaker merely as a constructed character by the author to tát generatereader interest, sympathy, and involvement that deserve closer attention.

In fact the crown's involvement was slight as its rights were leased to tát local gentlemen.

Participatory governance has been defined as the active involvement of citizens in government decision-making.

A large number of fundamental equations in physics involve first or second time derivatives of quantities.

Angle promotions focus only on angles (storylines and plots) involving the handlers.

This test involves having a grid of letters being flashed for 1/20th of a second.

Wisdom therapy involves presenting the patient with case vignettes of unrelated-teaching problems in the guise of unsolvable life problems.

Negative survival signals involve an alternative sườn of signal transduction that is initiated by the withdrawal of ligands from dependence receptors.

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How did you get involved in this project?

And virtually all of the great players don't get involved in fights, either.

This only succeeds if the people get involved in this.

Get involved in the process, otherwise we have to tát live with the consequences of our actions, or lack thereof.

But also that we would never open a physical store or get involved in flash sales.

Additionally, the entire community must be involved in the planning, construction, monitoring, and maintenance of the system.

Considerable evidence from animal studies has shown oxytocin to tát be involved in the processing of social information and the regulation of social affiliative behavior.

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She describes the dramatic feelings she hopes will be involved in their eventual meeting.

He declared that such bills violated the principle that the federal government should not be involved in local economic affairs.

These areas of the brain appeared to tát be involved in either romantic attachment or parental attachment, but not both.