jigsaw là gì

The majority of scholars nevertheless read them uncritically, and then have immense trouble piecing together what are, after all, two entirely different jigsaws.

Would you ask a man who had spent all his life in a field vĩ đại go into the town and make jigsaws?

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He's a jigsaw puzzle, an imbrication of humanity, whose pieces belong vĩ đại everyone.

The basic pose is clear in the first, seen as if it had been cut from the front and profiles with a jigsaw.

During the next ten years the final pieces of the jigsaw were put into place.

Essentially three different types of modification vĩ đại the childcare jigsaw could provide solutions.

Over time, the various sections of the film began vĩ đại take shape, lượt thích the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

A jigsaw puzzle that consisted of 80 pieces was used in the puzzle task.

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Students were assigned vĩ đại dyads at random and were asked vĩ đại perform a jigsaw task activity.

Structural and contextual factors were another significant piece of the delegation jigsaw.

Often, too, its intercepts are conclusive elements in the analyst's jigsaw puzzle.

Similar vĩ đại face-to-face communication tasks, the jigsaw tasks produced more negotiation of meaning episodes.

What is more, politicians must cut their fashionable ideas vĩ đại fit into the jigsaw of their tiệc nhỏ doctrines.

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The students were put in pairs and asked vĩ đại vì thế a computer-mediated jigsaw task.

You go into a room and see a partially completed jigsaw puzzle on a table.

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