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For the lead-in area of a compact disc session, see lead-in (CD). For the intro to lớn a tuy nhiên, see Introduction (music). For the concepts of lead-in and lead-out in television, see Hammocking.

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A lead-in is a short phrase, usually five words or less, that starts off a photo caption in a newspaper, high school yearbook, magazine or other publication.

Lead-ins (a.k.a. "kickers") are used to lớn catch the reader's attention and "lead in" to lớn the main caption. These phrases widely range from common phrases to lớn tuy nhiên lyrics, and are written appropriate to lớn the subject matter of the photograph. This is separate to lớn lead in which makes reference to lớn getting new business into a sales team, typically.

Examples of lead-ins include the following:

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(On a picture of a farmer putting down pinestraw) Piling it on...
(On a picture of a guidance counselor taking attendance folders) Makin' the rounds...

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