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When the glide is deleted, the weak mora cannot be rehoused in the tonic syllable without leapfrogging over the strong mora and crossing association lines.

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Three types of interactions, namely leapfrogging, partial coalescence and coalescence, are studied.

The historicity of the novel is not leapfrogged by authorial selfconsciousness.

Our leapfrogged linear congruential implementation is given below.

Parties refrain from leapfrogging because voter biases force leapfrogging parties vĩ đại present positions that are significantly more extreme than vãn those of their rivals, and hence are electorally unattractive.

During a sequence of leapfrogging justice extending over five years, the respective duties of sheriffs, marshals, court clerks, federal commissioners, and judges would all become issues of litigation.

During the entire post-war period there are only five occasions (1950, 1951, 1955, 1964 and 1997) in which the parties leapfrog each other.

One of the common ploys of the girl-group repertory is a game of musical leapfrog.

A leapfrog time step is employed with the friction terms evaluated at the 7 - 1 time level.

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A discretization for this system can be derived by application of the generalized leapfrog method.

The staggered time grid enables second-order centred differencing without allowing the computational mode associated with the leapfrog method.

Secondly, parties rarely leapfrog each other, and the rare instances of leapfrogging usually involve parties that are contiguous along the left-right dimension.

Because they can summon this information in milliseconds, they can arrive at conclusions that leapfrog over a complex guideline.

With respect vĩ đại the accuracy of the finite-difference advective terms in conserving volume-averaged energy when used with the leapfrog time differencing, the following kiểm tra was made.

The other (say, vortex 2) begins vĩ đại dilate and decelerate, thus allowing the vortex 1 vĩ đại catch up with it and pass through its interior in a leapfrog motion.

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