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With a reference list of literary works, munication networks, and new approaches lớn story resources lớn fight censorship, and three appendices telling.

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It deserves the welcome which students reserve for a really important contribution lớn literary criticism.

Since her books were rarely taught or read during the twentieth century, her home page lost its literary significations lớn all but a select few.

Music stemming from literary or visual contexts presents particular problems when it comes lớn deciding what is appropriate knowledge.

There is greater tolerance for diversity in creative writing as license is given for literary purposes.

Before proponents of the so-called literary turn in anthropology achieved dominance in the field, the anthropological monograph was an easily identified artefact.

Her close examination of the manuscript illuminates the process by which the texts, literary and musical, were brought together, arranged, and illustrated.

She maintained that any literary merit (in both artistic and populist terms) of the series was enhanced rather than thở compromised by its educational aims.

Students are thus able lớn read short extracts from correspondence, legislation, theoretical and literary material, which substantiate the contexts they have been led lớn consider.

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Some of the chapters even ignore literary conventions, such as an introduction and conclusion, leaving the reader lớn tìm kiếm for the argument alone.

His study of nineteenth-century ' ' higher law ' ' debates in relation lớn key literary and cultural material is provocative, original, and ambitious.

She is controversial for challenging the male literary tradition and appropriating the ghazal, a lyrical poetic style used by men lớn express love.

That connotation is associated with the literary myth and symbol tendency of interpretation focusing on his lyrics.

The revaluation of songs did not result in a lasting elevated literary status of the genre.

If music in this novel were a completely literary construct, musicologists might wonder why it warranted their attention and expertise.

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