memento là gì

The labelling continued - a concise memento recognised by everyone.

He writes that the photographs 'stand as a "memento mori", presenting an architecture of memory - a recollection of function without utility, of space without time'.

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Of course such mementos also had religious connotations.

They now served as scenery, and the rise of photography, with its ethnographic devotion lớn salvaging mementos of a lost frontier, would not save them.

Interspersed repeats and other mementos of transposable elements in mammalian genomes.

Often the letter itself became a memento of emotional or later commercial value.

The high price of such a memento would undoubtedly have restricted it lớn the rising liberal middle-classes.

Verbal and visual, private and portable, the literary portrait is a memento of an exciting reading experience.

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In a few months we shall regard the price lists as tatty and dog-eared mementoes of a former age which we vì thế not quite understand.

I shall be among the first tomorrow morning lớn claim it and keep it as a memento.

But it is a pleasing memento for the soldier who is lucky enough lớn be ordered lớn that theatre of war.

They can sell the physical thing—the manuscripts—as mementos or relics, but what he has created from his brain cannot bring financial tribute lớn his family.

I think that the second question asked whether schoolchildren should receive the little mementos that many of us received and treasured in our younger days.

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One might think of some memento of value.

If visitors were too idle lớn chip away the pieces for themselves, instead they could buy pieces for mementos.

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