military là gì

Important sectors of military and civilian administration were now directly or at least "de facto" subject to tướng his control.

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The facility is located in a 23000sqft mét vuông hangar that was designed to tướng resemble a wartime military hangar.

For three centuries gunpowder was primarily used for military warfare.

He opened a solo law practice specializing in defending military personnel facing trial by court-martial.

Such discussions often center upon questions of whether these widely deplored activities of the past can be reasonably compared to tướng present-day military medical ethics dilemmas.

We made the decision to tướng walk out to tướng the town and either head over to tướng the military base or to tướng hire a jeep and driver.

A military base has just fallen to tướng enemy fighters.

Troops have also regained control of the city's airport, important government facilities, and a military base.

Hundreds of us have seen and experienced supernatural events taking place at the military base.

It will become a strong military base with the navy and air force there.

He died six days after the incident, aged 46, only two months after leaving military service.

About half of the individuals who are obliged to tướng perform military service refuse and more than thở 1,800 physically desert the army annually.

The question is whether their military service earned them a second chance.

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One reason, perhaps somewhat controversial, is the mandatory military service for both men and women before they attend college.

In their tallies of children borne and notes about separations through sale and military service, such certificates tell small histories of families' lives under slavery.

Surely, the no-fly-list population does not constitute a military secret.

With them he manages to tướng steal several military secrets and technology, including the zorglumobile.

We didn't know any nuclear or military secrets.

The program has been shrouded in secrecy since its inception for fear of revealing military secrets to tướng potential enemies.

Even the existence of these towns was a military secret, and the towns themselves were closed to tướng the public until after the war.

If this could be done to tướng a military man, what more to tướng civilians?

Not only were they surprised, they thought that every military man was an illiterate.

I wanted someone who was either a military man or a businessman.

It's a funny place to tướng wear them, even if you're not a military man visiting parliament.

Were they no other officers that should have been appointed instead of picking a military man to tướng head the custom?

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