millennia là gì

This might have happened repeatedly in the millennia that followed.

It is wasteful to tướng throw out a repository of patterns, some of which may have been established over millennia.

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It has survived relatively unchanged for millennia, because it is cost-effective, productive, and in many societies, an integral part of community life.

Some of these scripts originated in the distant past, emerging out of traditions of remonstrance and petition stretching back for millennia.

Over millennia, speciesism has compiled a hefty volume.

Speculative building has long been a part of urban history, not just for centuries, but for millennia.

Material culture does not normally exhibit millennia-long traditions with tree-like splits.

Prevailing conditions during the first few tens of millennia after the origin of time were uniform, symmetrical, equilibrated and boring.

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Over the past several millennia, a wide variety of contextual solutions have been proposed for the problem of dividing an 'object' among claimants.

The first statement implies that ethnographic hunter-gatherers have no history or, put another way, that nothing fundamental changed in their lifeways for tens of millennia.

The walrus has been exploited eagerly during the past millennia.

They see their practices as quite the same as they have been for millennia.

For architectural and urban patterns, the time-frame can be several millennia.

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And finally, are the doors we see on television the same as those we have encountered onstage for the past two and a half millennia?

What millennia of philosophers and artists have been unable to tướng resolve is unlikely to tướng be even dented by a few generations of archaeologists.

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