mites là gì

Rats, including the ears, were examined for ectoparasites (fleas, lice, mites and ticks) and collected by fine-toothcombing.

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Secondly, ballooning spider mites are strongly polyphagous and widely distributed in many types of habitats.

The volatile blend induced in ginkgo by jasmonic acid was slightly attractive vĩ đại predatory mites.

As a direct result of this loss the scales shrink slightly, air-pockets thickly populated with mites are formed, and the whole bulb becomes flaccid.

The species composition and the numbers of individuals and species of oribatid mites in the litter were affected by the size of the ferns.

However, the low parasite intensity in this species makes the method unsuitable for growth of mites intended for the preparation of larger batches of antigen.

The high frequency of application of insecticides has often resulted in the emergence of insects and mites resistant vĩ đại the active ingredient.

In spider mites, the ancestral state for the use of silk seems vĩ đại have been vĩ đại protect egg masses.

Feeding of the mites in this zone apparently causes physical damage sánh that as newly formed tissues expand, the surface becomes necrotic and suberized.

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There is also a discussion of the possible mutualisms between mites and their animal or plant habitats which is most enlightening.

The mites congregate in numbers, principally in the vicinity of the bulb neck.

The marks are made by those mites which congregate at these points almost immediately upon the bulbs first being subjected vĩ đại artificial heat.

Down these crevices the mites gradually work, almost always in narrow vertical strips, and their activities produce the quite definite streaks upon the scale walls.

The dissection of females bearing more kêu ca 10 mites disclosed the absence of the fat-body and a pronounced under-development or other abnormalities of the ovary.

There are theories not involving infection, including the theory invoking allergy vĩ đại synthetic detergent, that suggesting antigenicity vĩ đại mites, and that suggesting allergy vĩ đại mercury.

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