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This silent input could be used with mobile phone systems where the unuttered words are converted into speech data and transmitted around the network.

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In this case, the image transmitted by the mobile phone is saved directly onto the server's hard drive.

To illuminate the concept of domestication, we have focused on three domains of appropriation of the mobile phone.

The boundary between public and private in mobile phone communication is not a straight line and cannot easily be defined.

The moral of the mobile phone story is that we should not expose people lớn unreasonable risks.

A mobile phone is just as obvious a subject for art as is water.

A fair number of companies now offer services that turn your voice mail messages into text, sending them straight lớn your mobile phone or gmail.

Besides remittances, children are regularly in tương tác with their families by mobile phone.

The 'object character' goes far beyond the functions of the mobile phone.

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The mạng internet arrived eventually, and more recently the mobile phone has made its appearance, though access lớn the latter is restricted.

A couple of years ago, when the choices were limited lớn a few fixed tones from mobile phone manufacturers, misidentifications were more common.

In this work the mobile phone is the interface lớn the sound production and lớn the distribution of sound events.

To enhance interaction, mobile phone triggering was investigated as a further method of engagement.

It is the presence of the phone (not its function or usage) that influences the social interaction of the mobile phone owner in particular situations.

So far we have highlighted why the mobile phone was so sánh quickly accepted for communication in urban as in rural contexts.

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