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Three would involve complex skeletal and muscular problems tending vĩ đại impede rather phàn nàn improve mobility.

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In only a few cases, such as muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis, has the ren and its protein been identified.

The muscular ventricular septal defect was covered by a membranous transformation of the septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve.

Opened tricuspid valve showing shortened tendinous cords, but no formation of a muscular arcade.

As argued earlier, not having a clear mental representation of the music being played often leads vĩ đại severe muscular problems.

The participant's muscular strength or weakness in resisting vĩ đại this force informs the instructor as vĩ đại the participant's predispositions.

In some cases of complete transposition, both arterial valves are supported by complete muscular infundibulums.

There was a large inlet muscular ventricular septal defect, but very little potential for shunting at atrial level.

The myocardium of the rudimentary right ventricle is separated by the atrioventricular groove from the muscular floor of the blind-ending right atrium.

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I have now examined serial histologic sections of a human embryo which may contribute knowledge towards the mechanisms of development of muscular defects.

The anterolateral papillary muscle is fully mobilized by detaching die muscular bands which are inserted on vĩ đại die lateral wall of die right ventricle.

In the second patient, we also resected the deviated muscular outlet septum.

The procercoid possesses a well-developed anterior part (scolex) with four muscular suckers.

Muscular anterior collar continuous, 123-271 (181 30) wide located 80-231 (135 32) from anterior margin.

Other features of motor neuron disease are generalized muscular weakness, wasting, fasciculation and brisk reflexes, though sensation is intact.

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