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The poem states as its guiding principle "poikilia", diversity in narrative, sườn, and organization.

A decentralized lower-income housing program was developed, which relied heavily on local community involvement, organization and input.

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Mainly for these reasons, the government opted to tướng integrate all đô thị and municipal police, fire and jail services into a unified organization.

The organization is governed by a member-elected board of directors who serve three-year terms.

The organization of the site and its landscape treatment is typical of freestanding urban buildings.

In its earliest stage of decomposition, the original organic material is often called raw organic matter.

She was determined not to tướng be shaped into some music biz pigeonhole and wanted to tướng write songs that were organic, different and real.

Perhaps the largest issue with more simplistic, open-mould, wet systems are the emissions associated with the volatile organics released.

All are sourced with the shop's principles in mind, with a focus on local, organic and fair-trade.

The theory held that the origin of these epidemic diseases was a miasma, emanating from rotting organic matter.

The grounds are organized with activities grouped into departmental areas.

He formed his own criminal network and organized major robberies and burglaries through several intermediaries.

Helper townsite was regularly organized and incorporated in 1907 with a president of the town board and members of the board serving the community.

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The students were deprived of organizing the student unions till 2019.

It is a literary device invoked in the individual discretion of sportswriters and does not represent any formal decision-making process or organized sportswriters' poll.

They feed on benthic organisms, including brittle stars, chitons, and crustaceans such as crabs and shrimp.

Evidence that nodal signaling is responsible for left-right specification comes from genetic analysis of organisms deficient in left-right specification.

Naturally, a gut organism capable of fighting off other, harmful gut organisms was of great interest.

Few organisms can survive in such highly saline conditions as salt evaporation ponds.

This is why other smaller fish species are often seen around it, as they feed on the detritus and smaller organisms that are stirred up.

Like other members of its family, the finless sleeper ray can generate a defensive electric shock from paired electric organs in its disc.

Usually, mechanical organs are pipe organs although some instruments were built using reeds similar to tướng those found in a harmonium.

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There is published evidence strongly suggestive of the persistence of brain stem blood pressure control in organ donors.

Like other members of its family, it can produce a strong electric shock from its electric organs for defensive purposes.

He plays the organ while his children helpers from all over the world sing.