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Thus, the book's title, which announces a study of the whole country from 1786 vĩ đại 1904, is somewhat overdrawn.

He conceded that perhaps his expectations regarding regional elites were overdrawn.

The moral benefits of music are therefore overdrawn, and it cannot be made vĩ đại redeem the problems of society; in fact, it might exacerbate them.

One may argue that a caricature of the medical model is being presented and that the contrast with the developmental model is overdrawn.

The importance of the discourse about "imagination," for example, examined in chapter 1, is overdrawn.

For example, we cannot formulate invariants lượt thích balance > 0, stating that an tài khoản cannot be overdrawn.

The contrast typically made between utilitarianism and virtue theory is overdrawn.

The book's discussion as vĩ đại the interface between species conservation and concern for the welfare of individual specimens of that species is helpful, but some apparent dichotomies might seem overdrawn.

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The contrast, however, can be overdrawn.

I feel that the contrast between recent economic anthropology and the debates that took place in it say 30 or 40 years ago may be somewhat overdrawn.

Hill makes a strong but overdrawn case.

It is not a current tài khoản which is being used regularly and which is being overdrawn.

The amounts overdrawn are being adjusted by small weekly deductions in accordance with the regulations for such cases.

Those who did and defied the wrath vĩ đại come usually found that they were overdrawn.

I bởi not think it is right that their cheques should bounce within seconds of the computer showing them vĩ đại be overdrawn.

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