peace of mind là gì

This was reflected in attitudes, feeling emotionally 'more comfortable', enjoying 'peace of mind', having security, or 'not having vĩ đại worry'.

The peace of mind provided vĩ đại well-motivated and anxious individual women is, however, an important aspect.

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In some instances, of course, registration of choice would contribute profoundly vĩ đại the peace of mind of organ recipients.

At least she'd stay put and give us some peace of mind.

Registration of clear wishes would contribute profoundly vĩ đại the peace of mind of choosers, physicians, and family members.

In traditional times, one could retreat from the playing field in order vĩ đại preserve one's unsullied reputation and peace of mind.

All three of the evaluation groups reported similar null effects, as for the levels of stress, peace of mind and the time available for themselves.

This may promote not only peace of mind for the person and family involved, but also obviate the need for the added attention previously available only at a healthcare facility.

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Doctors conform vĩ đại the patient's expectation because they also believe that pills are necessary vĩ đại give us peace of mind, cheerfulness and a good night's sleep.

Second, because these devices can provide up-to-the-minute monitoring, patients may gain greater peace of mind, which could reduce, if not eliminate, unwarranted emergency room and office visits.

It defined success as ' ' peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction knowing you did your best vĩ đại become the best that you are capable of becoming.

Not only did they lose their lives, but their reputations—and the peace of mind of their families—were destroyed.

Surely this nonsense must be stopped and people allowed the peace of mind of knowing that the green belt is no longer under threat.

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In the light of some of the dreadful cases that have occurred recently, volunteers will be happy vĩ đại pay for peace of mind.

The consumer must have peace of mind, and that is something we are in this way guaranteeing.

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