perfect nghĩa là gì

The festival provides the perfect platform to tướng put any idea in front of thousands of people, validate it and receive valuable feedback.

The elegant design, with its unobstructed space for the spreading crowns of the tall palms, was a perfect marriage of sườn and function.

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So, adult movie making is the perfect business model for funneling money from around the world to tướng a local economy.

Perfect truth may be represented by 1, and perfect falsity by 0.

Here he perfected the techniques of the lithography, etching, dry point and wood-block printing.

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Practised to tướng perfection these states take one to tướng pure the mind-states on the plane of formlessness that are proximate to tướng the apex of existence.

Although not every claw-free graph is perfect, claw-free graphs satisfy another property, related to tướng perfection.

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Completion stage may also be translated as perfection stage or fulfillment mode.

She is very exacting and a professional who seeks perfection in everything she does, and this was no exception.

The perfection of his work seems to tướng have unsettled his contemporaries, and some claimed the stark contrasts in his printing damaged the eyes.