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Bioquant image analysis software was used to tướng determine the area of each circular lesion, which was later used to tướng calculate the radius of each lesion.

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The former hinges on the possibility of software agents being regarded as legal persons in the eyes of the law.

Figure 6 shows the different parts of the simulation software.

This makes it difficult to tướng specify a large system as the composition of smaller components, which is a common practice, for example, in software engineering.

My sense is that software is a good place to tướng star t: every student "linking" two "packages" soon experiences the problem.

Aiming at this requirement, this paper presents the design and implementation of a software architecture for a reconfigurable real-time multiprocessing system for multi-robot control.

However, improvement following the use of the software in both experiments was limited to tướng different presentation and variations on taught stimuli.

Contemporary non-linear recording software has added the visual dimension to tướng editing sound in a way that simply wasn't present in tape-based formats.

The development of various chess-playing software enabled the robot to tướng play chess with people intelligently.

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Without this enabling institutional framework, none of the software or hardware designed for musical purposes could have been developed.

Views on software engineering and development has dramatically changed over the last decade, taking a modular view on complex software systems.

Our analysis indicates that the overwhelming majority of attacks are the result of malformed input exploiting a software vulnerability of a network-attached process.

The most common application areas for software multiagents are the solution of dynamic and distributed resource allocation problems, as well as cooperative expert systems applications.

All are vulnerable to tướng software bugs, however, at any time and sánh the liability of software companies needs to tướng be ascertained.

An example guideline is that each user should be paired with a software agent that will be able to tướng act on the user's behalf.

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