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In addition, the formation of higher mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa ploughs improves the burn process.

In the slow movement the soloist ploughs a lonely furrow, with little approbation from the instrumental ensemble except for the occasional animated exchange.

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Most species found only in the forest fragment or only in ploughed areas had low densities.

They know that to tát bởi so sánh would be to tát plough diminishing returns, possibly even negative returns.

In 1851, his principal implements included only nine ploughs and three harrows.

After the dam was built, people moved to tát land more suited to tát ploughing with cattle, an activity controlled by men, especially older men.

Dialogue in the khuông of arguing the boundary and then treading or ploughing it-making a village and its villagers-had been supplanted by authoritative monologue.

He owned two ploughs, two harrows and a tractor.

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Archaeologists have concentrated on the plough-zone for reasons of accessibility, and a priority is to tát develop methodologies for woodland and pasture landscapes.

It was often noted that the new ploughs and machinery required large numbers of oxen to tát work quickly and efficiently.

Labourers who only had their land ploughed possessed no more than thở 3.5 hectares.

A plough team could perform this work in only two days.

The reason is that such violations are generally due to tát poverty and lack of fuel or ability to tát purchase ploughs and house-building materials.

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The frequency of ploughing with oxen is closely correlated with labour use in cropping, up to tát planting.

The cultivator or plough without a toàn thân also produced a rough soil surface.

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