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They are a privileged group, poised at the forefront of technological knowledge-based work.

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The waxwork blacksmith, for example, could be poised ready to tướng strike with his hammer at the forge.

Professional ethicists are poised to tướng turn their attention to tướng neuroscience.

From here they are poised to tướng reinfest the newly flushed leaves produced by the defoliated tree.

He was poised to tướng adopt these approaches without condition.

Being poised and being able to tướng carry them out are different matters.

The central relationship of the poem is apparently unresolved, poised between anchored commitment and undone moorings.

They were now poised for the final showdown.

They are rather poised between alternatives in the knowledge of their outcome, a rhetoric that historical writing can hope to tướng imitate only in part.

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We are poised on the edge of the precipice of either great discoveries or major disasters.

To be visually conscious in general is to tướng be poised to tướng become aware of a present feature (that is, to tướng become transitively conscious of it).

In contrast, a player who is truly không tính tiền and poised will be able to tướng move or remain still with little change to tướng the performance.

Poised before his empty staves, what does the composer bởi if not improvise?

Pressure to tướng implement the latest technology the fastest is real, as the earliest innovators are poised to tướng reap the (potentially) biggest gains65.

History as a discipline is poised uncomfortably, but unavoidably, between the need to tướng tell a story and the need to tướng tell the truth, between rhetoric and science.

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