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Both uniform and normal priors are used in the model, respectively, to tát see the effect of priors on posterior inference.

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Because now all priors are uniform over specified intervals, the procedure is now equivalent to tát constrained maximum likelihood.

A politician who listens quite selectively to tát the discussion among economists can always find some expert views that tư vấn his or her own priors.

Such findings are in line with our priors, though we also expected management tools to tát positively affect tree planting.

Their restrictions didn't correspond to tát our true priors.

Several methods exist for determining noninformative priors; however, there is no consensus as to tát the best method (1, 73-74).

Finally, the same probabilities using stronger priors could be added and contrasted.

Many of us have strong priors on welfare issues, and it is often painful to tát find out that your priors tự not always hold.

The demonstration of an error is considered important because the implicit priors suggest that such a demonstration would be difficult to tát obtain.

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We also used informed priors in the current study, for comparison.

Moreover, his focus is not exclusively on correctness but, importantly, on the universe of decision-makers whose "priors" will be decisive.

Since only one case existed for the privatisation status, priors under privatisation have been attributed the same uncertainty (variance) as priors under non-privatisation.

Actually, when an investor follows the herd because of the (assumed) presence of information asymmetries, he or she should coherently revise his or her priors.

Other possibilities are skeptical priors, which might be particularly appropriate for regulatory authorities (32), enthusiastic priors (32), or extreme priors that provide bounds (5).

Additionally, we find it plausible that a rational agent may have spotty priors.

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