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The theory contends that competition profoundly affects mortality rates.

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The introduction of other, pathological, subjects into the research program changed it profoundly.

We suggest that interaction of these macromolecules with the surface of schistosomula profoundly modifies the properties of the complete tegument, possibly by altering membrane-cytoskeletal interactions.

It is rigorously argued yet surprisingly accessible, fresh and profoundly insightful, and orthodox yet irenic in spirit.

It is found that the addition of as little as 1% of caesium profoundly alters the properties of the plasma.

On the other hand, we have seen that speculation, if properly undertaken, can be profoundly beneficial.

Trapped by a lack of resources homeless people profoundly experience society's inequalities, which has consequences for prioritizing goals.

However, such developmental impulses are profoundly compromised by the diverse and often contradictory manner by which the projects are being implemented on the ground.

All participants in this group were severely or profoundly deaf and their parents, who were deaf, signed to tướng them from infancy.

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The island's rapid integration into the national and world economy and a vibrant indigenous movement have profoundly influenced the everyday lives of island residents.

All this is profoundly confused, with confusion occurring on at least two distinct levels.

Exacerbating this position, many of the drama's protagonists understand themselves as profoundly isolated by their exceptional situations (whether ennobled or degraded) and attendant emotions.

The developing physiology of newborns and infants can be profoundly affected by cardiopulmonary bypass.

Contaminated water not only affects humans but can profoundly alter ecosystems, suggesting again a complex and wide-ranging trang web of reverberations.

In the sphere of music, electronic instruments and computers developed in ways that profoundly affected performance and composition practices.

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