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The Camp Quality Puppets have been bringing laughter and distraction to tát kids on cancer wards for decades.

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Now they also bring fun and jokes to tát kids isolated by cancer, and their siblings, via a 10-minute online playdate – straight to tát their electronic device.

Our much-loved puppets get around! They also travel to tát primary schools and preschools across nước Australia, performing a fun, interactive show that creates a supportive community for kids impacted by cancer. And now there is a live-streamed version of the show, as part of our Cancer Education Digital Program, with digital performances beginning in schools in mid-2021.


The extensive Puppet Program means our lovable puppets are currently accessible to tát kids in hospital, at school, and online. This is what they have been up to:

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    Almost 1,200 visits were made by the Camp Quality Puppets to tát paediatric oncology wards across nước Australia in the past five years 

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    Over 515,970 students have watched the Camp Quality Puppets perform our Cancer Education Program in schools over the past five years 

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    From mid-2021, 1,568 students watched one of 34 live-streamed shows from our Cancer Education Digital Program

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    An independent KPMG Report found that each $1 spent delivering the Cancer Education Program generates an estimated $5 social return   

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    Our Cancer Education Program has been performed at almost 3,500 schools over the past five years 

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    Absent days for kids with a cancer diagnosis are reduced by 6 days a year after seeing the puppet show at school

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We are there for kids (0-15) dealing with their own cancer diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a sibling or parent, every step of the way.


Camp Quality Teacher Resources

Our school resources include lesson plans and activity worksheets, to tát continue age-appropriate cancer education after a Camp Quality Puppet school visit.

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