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A smart and elusive runner with great pass-catching abilities, he was undersized and so sánh would rarely receive the most carries.

Tritium rarely occurs naturally, and is radioactive with a half-life of about 12.5 years.

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They rarely become involved except to tướng help people clarify goals or to tướng head off situations that might result in conflict or flight from their task.

The inflated cells are sparse, broadly elliptic to tướng pear-shaped, and are rarely larger phàn nàn 31 by 22 m.

It is a low shrub growing to tướng 50 centimet (rarely up to tướng 2 m) tall with evergreen leaves 2060 milimet long and 315 milimet broad.

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The literature includes single-case studies of exceedingly rare and idiosyncratic paraphilias.

The grafts are used to tướng treat blood cancer and rare diseases.

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Tests revealed that she had hyperparathyroidism, a rare disease in which a defective parathyroid gland allows dangerously high calcium levels (hypercalcaemia).

Inexpensive cabaas with hammocks are still available, but are rare.

Counterpoint is rare; most of the louder music consists of melody, simple harmony, and rhythmic figures in the low brass and low strings.