razor là gì

The recommended scale allows for three razors per prisoner every two weeks.

Turning đồ sộ electric razors, these, of course are luxuries and could not be regarded in any way as essential.

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The razors in question have been inspected in the usual way and those accepted are in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Where this is insufficient, supplies of additional razors can be obtained from a direct call-off contract available đồ sộ prisons.

He also said our safety razors were perfectly able đồ sộ compete.

The question of issuing safety razors đồ sộ the troops in lieu of the long-handled type is already under consideration.

I believe that there is no place at all for a protective duty in regard in safety-razors.

In fact, the whole operation is really done on a razor's edge.

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Would you not first make sure that he had thrown away his old razors and taken đồ sộ safety ones?

He needs his alarum clocks, his shaving sets, cameras, electric razors and binoculars.

A change of fashion has taken place, and that change of fashion has affected very adversely the manufacture of ordinary razors.

When he was born there were no motor-bicycles or gramophones, fountain pens, safety razors or electric trains.

They live on a razor's edge, and according đồ sộ a recently published report forty out of every one hundred old age pensioners have no savings.

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He said that enough safety razors for the next nine months have already come in.

By virtue of our population and the smallness of our island and our resources, our economy will always be on some kind of razor's edge.

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