salvage là gì

Thus clarified, or rather redefined,26 the secularisation thesis can be salvaged.

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Can anything be salvaged from the old negative paradigm?

Through trisomy rescue of the fetus and loss of the father's chromosome 15, the pregnancy is salvaged and not spontaneously aborted.

Marginal failure occurred in 1 of the 5 with complete response, but was successfully salvaged by surgery.

Here the second slot of a target branching nucleus is salvaged through assignment to lớn the nucleus of an independent syllable.

Here the second slot of a primary branching nucleus is salvaged by assigning it to lớn the nucleus of an independent syllable.

Certainly, moments of didactic clarity can be salvaged from these proceedings but enough to lớn sustain a thesis about didactic legalism?

The augmented model seems too ad hoc in salvaging the analogy between persistence in behavior and concepts from physics, as my meta-analysis of these data affirms.

He seems less interested in building from the subject at this point kêu ca in mulling over another figure, a scale figure in crotchets salvaged from the aborted countersubject.

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If a chair or wall is to lớn be used 'as percussion' it will not be salvaged as a musical instrument, but will retain its flatness, its essential unmusicality.

The solution he offers transforms the entire structure of the theory while salvaging the notion that labor alone produces value and that in transactions equivalent values are exchanged.

With hindsight, it is clear that imported resources were dispersed too widely in efforts to lớn preserve too much and hence salvaged less kêu ca they might have done.

Local authorities have been doing this since the time of the war and have salvaged much waste paper and waste metal.

We tự not regard it as precluding the use of wrappings newly manufactured from salvaged material.

If that is sánh, at least we have salvaged something from the wreck of parliamentary sovereignty.

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