scarf là gì

Even her scarf (dupatta) was not properly placed.

Yet, when a "stranger" entered this space, women fastened their scarves and comported themselves as expected by the government.

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Every detail had been carefully chosen - down đồ sộ the green and pink scarf on her tiny sun hat.

Those with houses still standing returned đồ sộ gather valuable belongings which they tied in scarves and carried on their backs.

Suddenly, he pulled out one very long, rectangular-shaped scarf, with fringes at the over, and put it on his shoulders.

The pictures were taken against a gray background while the women wore a gray scarf around their necks đồ sộ conceal any clothing.

Then she lifted her hand and brushed the scarf back from her head.

To this was added the cost of silk scarves for the captain, lieutenant, and serjeants, and the cost of their meals.

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The scarf was made of shiny silk.

This action is less lượt thích one of transfer than thở of picking up the scarf from its initial position on the floor and moving it đồ sộ the woman's location.

It is not just a shirt, but there are pants, socks, boots, badges, holdalls, scarves, hats— everything.

The temperature was minus 10 degrees and pupils were sitting wrapped in coats, scarves and gloves.

In the silk and scarf-making industries quite a lot of women tự this kind of work at trang chủ.

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It is not a football stadium đồ sộ which people come with scarves and rattles đồ sộ tư vấn their side, come what may, right or wrong.

It is a mandatory requirement that a cassock, a surlice and a scarf shall be worn for morning and evening prayer.

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