sceptical là gì

His approach lớn psychopathology was sceptical and philosophical; and he never created his own school of psychiatric, let alone psychopathological, teaching.

In fact, there is good reason lớn be sceptical, since, as we have just seen, a plausible alternative exists.

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This is, then, as noted, exactly the ground on which sceptical theism will flourish.

The above discussion does not constitute a refutation of the empirical argument or sceptical theism, let alone of both.

I therefore take a sceptical view of the relationships that vì thế appear among variants.

However, one must be sceptical as long-term followup data is not yet available as the studies continue.

On the other hand, they were sceptical that these positive effects could resonate for more than thở a few weeks after the kết thúc of the project.

He was very sceptical about backing state funding for research in the area.

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Ministers, with reason, remained sceptical of the accuracy of long-term forecasts and the political inflexibility they were designed lớn encourage.

The committee were sceptical that earnings could be so sánh low.

Women in transitional societies have reason lớn be sceptical of the potential of the transition lớn impact positively upon their lives.

Few feminists would abandon rights altogether, but many are sceptical of the benefits of understanding ourselves exclusively as rational and independent rights-bearing individuals.

The authors are right lớn be sceptical about the over-simplifications inherent in using readability formulae and computerised grammarcheckers.

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That said, we are sceptical of the notion that researchers would regularly have found large effects in established democracies if only they had looked harder.

In a credulous system, both conclusions would be acceptable, whereas in a sceptical system neither of them would.

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