several nghĩa là gì

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Several explanations have been offered.

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Khái niệm này rất có thể được lý giải theo gót một vài cơ hội không giống nhau.

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One can interpret the graph in several ways. Firstly it shows…

Có thể hiểu biểu loại này theo gót nhiều cách thức không giống nhau. Cách loại nhất là...

I believe that there are several reasons. Firstly,… Secondly…

Tôi tin cậy rằng đem một số trong những nguyên vẹn nhân dẫn cho tới sự việc/hiện tượng này. Thứ nhất là... Thứ nhì là...

Several explanations have been offered.

Khái niệm này rất có thể được lý giải theo gót một vài ba cơ hội không giống nhau.

Several noteworthy results were…

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Known for reinventing her style and image, she has changed her personal appearance several times, scoring different hairstyles since the release of her third album.

The differences between the recipes cause several notable changes in the oil's characteristics, including edibility, fragrance, dermal sensation, and spiritual symbolism.

Several times a year the regions organize training workshops and other educational events through sub-regions smaller geographic subdivisions.

Several of his melodies continue to tát be sung today, and he was widely praised in the generation after his death.

Several weeks went by before the work continued.

Where a partner has died, his estate also becomes severally liable.

Her urinary tract and intestine were severally damaged.

In court a quo, both respondents were found to tát be liable, jointly and severally.

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Importantly this shows that an inhomogeneous material may have frequency dependent response, even though none of the individual inhomogeneities severally are frequency dependent.

For several decades, leadership scholars have severally attempted to tát determine styles, characteristics and personality traits of great leaders.

At hydrogen concentrations above the solubility limit, brittle hydrides are precipitated on slip planes and cause severe embrittlement.

Erosion impact are usually severe on dry areas, due to tát lack of vegetation.

However, meningococcal disease can cause meningitis and septicaemia, resulting in brain damage, failure of various organs, severe skin and soft-tissue damage, and death.

After a few days, the symptoms may progress to tát severe breathing problems and shock, and ultimately death.

Realist tradition gave rise to tát many trends of contemporary painting, including painting from nature, severe style painting, and decorative art.

He says he never used his fists when street fighting, because a bare knuckle punch could severely injure his opponent.

Because of this, very low levels of severely sprouted kernels mixed into sound wheat can cause the entire lot to tát exhibit significant amylase activity.

However, use of invalid markup can blur the author's intended meaning, though not as severely as malformed markup.

At the onset of winter, the growth tip starts producing highly reduced non-carnivorous leaves on a severely shortened stem.

The new transmitter was spared from flood waters, but the antenna was severely damaged by high winds.