sister nghĩa là gì

She has an older sister who competes as a pro bodybuilder in the natural federation.

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She was survived by a son, a daughter, a granddaughter, and a sister.

He was now 40, and his sisters marriage brought a fresh reminder of his own heartbreak.

His parents had frequent run-ins with the law, and he and his sisters spent much their childhood with their grandparents.

The kids grow up not knowing they are sisters.

How would you lượt thích đồ sộ go live with your half sister...

My half sister can play the guitar and has recorded with bands in the past, including putting out her own compact disc.

The children are said đồ sộ have included a 14-year-old girl, her two sisters and one half sister.

Victor is both impotent and plagued by incestuous thoughts about his half sister.

Were they actually happy they had a half sister?

Sometimes, my little sister goes out on the farm in the morning đồ sộ catch some turkeys and mum asks má đồ sộ go find her.

The love he had for his little sister, who's nearly eight, was unbelievable.

My little sister, who was about six, ran over đồ sộ him đồ sộ ask him the number of his horse.

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This was the same little sister he encouraged đồ sộ pursue medicine in the first place.

The day he died, he was helping his little sister with her homework.

At the funeral of their estranged father, they invite their school-age half-sister đồ sộ live with them.

She was the heir presumptive đồ sộ her childless half-sister and was likely đồ sộ succeed.

A rampant bisexual, he was married six times, and also lived for three years with the half-sister of one of his wives.

He thinks that she is his half-sister.

He has five known siblings: three half-brothers, one stepbrother and one half-sister.

Instead, we should treat each other with love and respect lượt thích brothers and sisters.

It just means you're at the back, watching your brothers and sisters get burned in the front.

Brothers and sisters clutching each other's hands were lined up in village and school halls, where locals took their pick.

Today, there are around 300 consecrated brothers and sisters.

He keeps telling his indigenous brothers and sisters đồ sộ stop asking the government for money.

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