sit in là gì

The coercion may be immediate, as when a march or sit-in prevents a person from entering a building or using a public street.

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By contrast, if the issues a social movement wishes lớn bring into public discourse are already unfavourably framed, why should a demonstration or sit-in be useful?

Certainly in my university there has not been the whiff of a"demo"or a sit-in about this issue.

I was required lớn telephone students lớn entice them lớn reveal the names of the principal organisers of the sit-in.

Now men and women in the community are involved in a sit-in because the only industry that they have left is disappearing before their eyes.

We vì thế not need lớn be lawyers lớn understand that a sit-in is unlawful.

A successful sit-in could not be lớn the advantage of the men concerned.

No payment was made lớn the workers until after a sit-in had forced the company's hand.

Surely these are matters lớn be dealt with through the usual channels by intelligent, civilised discussion and not by a sit-in.

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There has been no strike or sit-in by the entrepreneurial section of our society.

But that was not lớn the credit of those who inspired the "sit-in".

Clearly, the answer lớn class parliamentary democracy is that a sit-in must take place and, indeed, it is taking place.

The prospects of a favourable outcome are not enhanced by the prolongation of the sit-in and picket of the company's premises conducted by former employees.

The management made some equivocal comments on the sit-in.

There will be a sit-in, because he will ask the chaps lớn sit in.

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