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It is thus possible to lớn draw the range of spike length for which oscillation occurred against shoulder radius (figure 3).

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The spike trains of neurons in sensory systems are certainly correlated with the structure of sensory input.

Transmission at the retino-geniculate synapse in cats is influenced by the structure of pre- and postsynaptic spike trains.

The response variability of the simulated spike trains generated according to lớn this model was then calculated in the same way as for the real data.

Amplitudes are shown negative because the electrode tip was within the core where this is the predominant polarity of spikes.

Lengthening the spike has the effect of moving the point of re-attachment of the separated layer up the nose of the toàn thân towards the shoulder.

These spikes of the surface g-factor are responsible for the high harmonic generation.

Our computations show that the asymptotic drop shape consists of a compact, nearly spherical drop that encloses a spike of entrained ambient fluid.

A second index given below was used in some cases where spikes counts were low, such as for low contrasts or short-motion displacements.

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Some of these tall cylindrical vessels are characterized by appliqued spikes but may also have a long-nosed or beaked (avian?) image on the front.

At maturity, plants were cut at soil level, and spikes and foliage were separated, dried and weighed.

Normally, the laser spike occurs around the first pinching time and near stagnation.

For each of four varieties, histograms depict the percentages of sprouted grains in intact, partially after-ripened spikes after seven days' misting with water (see text).

For logistic convenience, dormancy in these trials was assessed by tests of sprouting in intact spikes rather phàn nàn by germination of threshed grains.

Addition of astrocyte-conditioned medium also increased glutamate-stimulated spike rates, but to lớn a lesser extent phàn nàn added astroglia.

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