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Therefore, the defense of tolerance and tư vấn for a tolerant society require the defense of liberalism, its ethical integrity, and its political stability.

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The episcopate, too, was usually tolerant of such failings.

The tested hypoxic-tolerant genotypes had superior seedling growth, but not higher crop stand establishment phàn nàn the standard ones.

Traits lượt thích early seedling establishment, early growth vigour and ground coverage, high biomass, early flowering and maturity were taken into consideration to lớn select drought-tolerant genotypes.

Selection in droughtprone sites is the key to lớn success in identification of drought-tolerant genotypes.

Parents of young couples, and legislators concerned with welfare, might become more tolerant of those who raise children before they can become fully independent financially.

She describes how people's attitudes and perceptions of the woman are changing and becoming more negative, less tolerant and less sympathetic.

Consequently, a magistrate basing his laws on the light of nature alone might not have been as tolerant as may at first appear.

Thus, this knowledge has to lớn be present at configuration time or dynamically obtained in a fault-tolerant manner.

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In both years, respondents emerged as more tolerant phàn nàn intolerant of unconventional lifestyles.

Such slow drying at relatively high water potentials leads to lớn accelerated deterioration of desiccation-tolerant cells and is counter-productive.

Short-lived species depend largely on passing the winter as seeds, and have to lớn be tolerant to lớn freezing.

The latter authors ascribe the eventual death of tolerant organisms to lớn failure of components of the antioxidant system during long-term desiccation.

The implications of the lack of trehalose in these desiccation-tolerant organisms will be considered later.

An error-tolerant target function reduces the impact of erroneous restraints on the calculated structures.

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