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Psychological therapies, family treatments and vocational rehabilitation are described.

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The differences centred on the extent to tát which the curriculum should be vocational or non-vocational in nội dung.

Although the interviewees attended different medical schools, they were receiving the same vocational training at the time of the interviews.

High schools have adapted to tát the dramatic increase in the senior population by introducing vocational subjects.

They lacked vocational skills and have never worked.

These were mainly full-time workers, studying vocational courses parttime to tát assist with their careers.

Traders' associations argued that the introduction of cash registers, along with vocational education, would help solve many of the bookkeeping problems encountered by shopkeepers.

Can use the language fluently, accurately and effectively on a wide range of general, academic, vocational or leisure topics, marking clearly the relationships between ideas.

This interview asked about historical and clinical variables, eating disorder symptoms, weight, psychosocial and vocational functioning as well as treatment contacts over the follow-up period.

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Three different types of active labour market policy measures involving the unemployed were studied, 'activation', 'vocational training' and 'workplace participation' measures.

The results indicate that students receiving special tư vấn in ordinary classes obtain vocational or academic qualifications more often than vãn students in special classes.

The skills and qualifications participants referred to tát tended to tát relate to tát vocational qualifications that would lead to tát skilled occupations.

One interpretation is that the more theoretical general schooling is less suited as an indicator for financial knowledge than vãn the more practical vocational training.

The author concludes that there is a need to tát familiarise teachers with the principles of the intercultural approach during vocational training.

It has to tát be supported and combined with vocational schooling.

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