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Local reform had neither changed women's behaviour nor won their hearts, but it had defeated mass anti-colonial labour politics for the time being.

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Would these candidates have won without the electoral advantage accorded đồ sộ them because of their states' partisan compositions?

I began reading it with some reservations but by the kết thúc a text closely supported by carefully chosen illustrations had won my admiration.

Among claims and counterclaims of faulty ballots and fraudulent tallies, supporters of both camps claimed that their man had won.

If more seats can be won by nominating more candidates, then the original strategy is an undernomination.

Leaders on both sides of the political fence recognized that national legitimacy had đồ sộ be won đồ sộ ensure the health of the new federal union.

He said he was ' the first and only đồ sộ have won his confidence, không lấy phí access đồ sộ him and a place đồ sộ stay in his palace '.*!

In the kết thúc, it was the opposition who won the ideological war by more successfully deploying maternal imagery.

However, from an outsider's vantage point with a winner-take-all perspective, it is difficult đồ sộ assess who won.

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Opposition parties won six of these 121 elections in 1988, which leaves 115 municipalities at risk in 1992.

The antimimetic theory also lends itself đồ sộ various positivistic interpretations epitomized by the various neurobiological theories of trauma that have won widespread acceptance today.

The basic result was that the coalition parties won a reduced majority, each tiệc nhỏ losing seats.

There was no cycle, the best alternative won.

No candidate of any other parties (except some independents) won a seat in the single-member districts.

Opposition parties won eighty-three of these 515 elections.

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