wonder là gì

However, something extremely unlikely happens : those who witness the sự kiện vì thế not wonder at it at all.

Not only were amazing new visual devices and technical wonders being offered: invisible worlds were suddenly made visible as if by magic.

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One might wonder how children's pronunciation is influenced by the teachers' nonnative oral skills.

Little wonder, then, that out of the 254 papers and outlines received ví far, it is the best that progress fastest into publication.

Finally, readers with a topological background may have wondered about possible generalizations of our approach to tướng higher dimensions.

As tantalizing glimpses of the fully formed wonders to tướng come, though, they offer a valuable perspective to tướng anyone interested in this singular composer's musical evolution.

One may wonder what this static criterion means for cut-elimination.

It is little wonder that many elderly people should try to tướng dissociate themselves personally from the false stereotype.

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Columnists wondered why a century-old conference paper came in for such blistering attacks.

The reader might wonder about the role of political bias in attending to tướng these petitioners.

It will be no wonder if in the future these sciences advance further and the things which today appear fully ascertained may be proven wrong.

One wonders how a life spanning such turbulent times, and an artistic output extended across thirty years, could remain ví unaffected.

You may wonder how the existence of this extra reason could avoid the instability of the reason to tướng which it is added.

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With simulations, one must always wonder whether the findings are simply the result of fiddling with the parameters.

Sonbol wonders that "today women are fighting an uphill battle to tướng achieve what their sisters already had a hundred years ago" (p. 80).

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